Monday, January 3, 2011

സേവാ തരംഗം .. സേവാ ഭാരതി കേരളം

സേവാ തരംഗം .. സേവാഭാരതി കേരളം


As you know there are several children who are in distress either by loss of parents or by many social & such other circumstance. With no one to take proper care of these young ones are leading a miserable life. We the workers of the Nila seva samithi resolved ourselves to serve these young ones. The result was THANAL. Various children, who are in a state of orphanage and distress, are now seeking shelter under THANAL. We are all blessed with all facilities in our life.

We have a family, social & financial stability in our own society. But have you ever thought about children who have no one to take care of Have you ever thought of their needs, sorrows and sorry state of affairs? Have you ever accomplished a feeling of contentment by helping such deserving ones? While we convene several celebrations for ourselves, h ave you ever thought of these small ones? If your answer in No, we have an answer for you. You can say a big Yes. You have achance to serve such young, deserving children. The Nila Seva Samithi is looking after children from the tender age of infancy to adolescence. We have children just below one year of age and those who carry on their studies. Their total welfare including food,accommodation, clothing,health and education is being looked after by Nila seva samithi at THANAL.

          The golden words of swami Vivekananda that serving hands are more divine that the worshipping of THANAL.With the wholehearted support and co-operation of many kind hearted people, the day to day affairs of THANAL is being run in a good way.



How can you help Thanal:
  • Sponsor food for a single day
  • Special feast for a single day
  • Sponsor food for a month
  • Sponsor a child
  • Sponsor educational expense
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The Secretary
Nila Seva Samithi
Mayannur, Trissure Dist., Kerala, India
Ph:   +91 4884 285 855
Mob: +91 944 721 6144

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